The board.

Guitar hero, pro-tools style.

The control room floor. One big mac party.

Notes on songs & progress, as of March 2007

Ben playing guitar. There was a while there where he was going to record “Living Room” on guitar. But then he Fired Himself. He also Fired Himself from drumming on “Night Reconnaissance.” He thought it would make a better Dresden Dolls song. And so it did.

Lyrics in flux.

“Guitar Hero.”

Working with Zoë Keating on the arrangement for “Astronaut” and “Blake Says.”
Ben had an incredible knack for arranging and could actually write out parts.
I, being untrained in the music-writing way, would just sing my ideas.

Here’s a clip of Ben playing the outer-space organ solo from “Blake Says”:

And here's a random clip of Doni Schroader at Ben's piano:

This is MAGICAL Joe Costa. He is an engineer who had worked on a ton of Ben’s stuff and he worked on my record. And he was the bombitty.

Here’s some footage of Ben and Joe comping together vocals. Ben is, as you see, ruthless with regards to “the weak”:

Here’s another clip of me and Joe, listening to THINGS:

BONUS CLIP! Here’s me playing with my feet:

That night, I got bored. And tired.

I developed my relationship with the Baldwin…

…and jumped around.