lots of people fed me. lots of people listened and gave feedback. i know i’m forgetting some, but this is a lot of them:

alyson maciness (o seester, my seester!)

mutti and johann (for bringing me up with class and loaning me money when i’m broke)

anthony&laura (the most wonderful neighbors i’ll ever have had)

ron nordin (for continuing support, space, love and inspiration)

alina and josh (my bestest friends and model happy couple)

mr. brian viglione (my rock-love drumming superstar comrade)

emily “wizzle” white (for saving me time and again and making the future happen now)

the white family (for making Emily, and for the crash space and wonderful support)

jack, alex and donna palmer (massive love to you guys)

elaine palmer (for us re-discovering us)

keri smith (kicking it left coast)

kati turk (for helping out the wizzle)

billh, sean, rick & john at brat marketing (the most amazing set of internet hands in the world)

kevin morris, bart dahl, mark berger, reis and nadia at madison house (love to all the dogs, too...)

mr. mike “super-non-issue” luba (suck it.)

patrick templeman, elaine and phil at PSBM (where’s my effing check?)

katie kay (goddess of many hats)

dave rath, samantha lennon & everyone at roadrunner (label love)

the road crew: laura, psycho dave, jaron, jeffmaker.com (YEEEUUUUUSS)

becca rosenthal (bof!)

sxip shirey (a class act and a continuing inspiration to us all)

wes, pat, mandy and the jsr team (keeping merch flowin’)

jason webley (my brother, i mean sister, i mean soulmate)

lee barron (my patron saint and best warm welcomer-homer)

my cloud club posse (yes. it WANTS to happen!)

max melton (vagina!)

noah blumenson-cook (do the thing good)

matt hickey (for giving me my space)

johnny, taperdave, peter sand (for much needed technical help)

michael pope (for making real art with me every time)

edward ka-spel (my hero)

brianna olson (for being a wonderful everything & growing with me)

anabel vazquez (hola, images)

mark kates (for being there to bounce ideas, thank you mark)

my aloha pals at kalani (mahalo, guys)

renee hahn (for needling me in times of need)

larry mazer and harvey leeds (for believing in me & working with me)

reggie watts (for blowjobs)

joe costa (for an incredible ear and incredible patience)

emily deaderick (helping out all over the effing place)

tim smolens & estradasphere (making mad shit happen)

james bewley aka Strindberg (allowing me to destroy context with a sledgehammer)

mike mccarthy (for giving me feedback about the record)

nickie mcgowan (classing it up in the red and the black)

robyn hitchcock (for words of wisdom and amazing songs)

martin bisi (a wonderful friend and comrade)

justin phelps (fucking ace engineer and producer)

prairie sun studios (a perfect haven)

andy, the edinburgh guys, and stephan at chambers studio (wow. that worked!)

david bates & the spiegeltent family (best. summer. ever.)

the baptiste folks from bootcamp & brandon compagnone (for defying the lie)

dave bason (for being an incredible force in my life for so long)

the cunningham family (for giving me the warm spot i need in the UK)

the geidts (for giving me the warm spot i need at home)

david j (for continuing awesomeness)

the evelyn sisters (for sharing their wonderful talents and gifts)

margaret cho (one of the most inspiring sisters i’ve ever seen on stage)

beth hommel (for keeping me off planet fucked every day)

neil gaiman (i love it when you kill me)

kyle cassidy (captures me dead better than Your Mom)

steven mitchell wright and the danger ensemble (art. love.)

olga nunes (the other half of my queen of hearts)

pixie (never-ever-ending enthusiasm)

michael mcquilken (my most beloved squid-lobber)

blake brasher (for being so wonderfully still)

aberdeen city (making sounds i love)

chip yamada (filmic epicness)

And last but biggest.....

ben fucking folds (my songwritin’ piano-slayin’ motherfuckin’ soulmate. bitches ain’t shit.)